A short foot note for today on WordPress

Thank you for hosting my blog. I appreciate every effort you have made to ensure that your website doesn’t work as well with Safari as it does with Firefox and as Safari is my preferred browser, thanks again.

BTW – You have a section in your help pages that refer to clicking Settings -> Sharing to enable auto twitter posts. UM YEH well There is no SHARING BUTTON.  Thanks again. EDIT: I’ve found it under Manage My Blog -> Posts and it shows up in the side bar. So not really anywhere near where the help page said it was but thanks again.

Ah one more thing, if you create a post on the website and the try to edit it in the IOS app – you get a load of html tags all over it. Maybe try building in HTML properly to the app?


B AND Q and other useless bandits

So I had to pop down to B and Q this morning because the kind decorator who painted our living room recently kindly broke EVERY SINGLE curtain track wall hook whilst he was taking the curtains down.

Of course they don’t sell the clips that I needed, oh no. They sell every other type, but it appears that the type that frequents itself in the innards of my curtain rail is from the age before civilisation had lightbulbs.

So I had to procure a new plastic curtain track. Our window is 1.95metres. B and Q sell 1.8, 2.1 and 2.7. Great.


So after a long wasted trip to the corrugated iron warehouse from hell and a lot of shouting to the neighbours delight, I had to resort to having no curtains for the next week and ordering some special clips from fleebay. 

Hence the previous PayPal post. Thanks again twats.

Useless Paypal fuckers

Seriously, why the fuck would you introduce a two factor authentication system that DOESNT work on mobiles?!

Step one, buy ebay item, step two go to pay on paypal. Oh no you dont, its doesn’t work for jack! 

“Please append the code generated to the end of your password”



So now I have to go find a computer and fix the ebay purchase manually, thanks again Paypal.


Nice one. 

Might as well employ Channel 4 to help re-write your website. Oh no wait, their 4OD iPhone app is a true glory in itself.

Why! Oh Why!

I’m Roger and I’m completely and utterly fed up with idiots, nincompoops, people who don’t do what they say, services that are supposed to work and don’t, innovative ideas which have the innovation level of a different coloured Sellotape. 

To prevent global meltdown I have created this blog with the key aim of socialising all the inadequacies that I have to deal with on a regular basis.

Am I perfect, Not a chance. Do I strive to be, nope. Could I do a better job than most of these fools? ABSOLUTELY!

If I can, you definitely can.

Am writing this because I want to become famous. Nope. Its my way to vent. Hopefully you’ll agree, you may laugh, you may cry, you may not feel a thing “meh”, you may disagree and rant back. Nothing is good, anything is good.