B AND Q and other useless bandits

So I had to pop down to B and Q this morning because the kind decorator who painted our living room recently kindly broke EVERY SINGLE curtain track wall hook whilst he was taking the curtains down.

Of course they don’t sell the clips that I needed, oh no. They sell every other type, but it appears that the type that frequents itself in the innards of my curtain rail is from the age before civilisation had lightbulbs.

So I had to procure a new plastic curtain track. Our window is 1.95metres. B and Q sell 1.8, 2.1 and 2.7. Great.


So after a long wasted trip to the corrugated iron warehouse from hell and a lot of shouting to the neighbours delight, I had to resort to having no curtains for the next week and ordering some special clips from fleebay. 

Hence the previous PayPal post. Thanks again twats.


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