Why! Oh Why!

I’m Roger and I’m completely and utterly fed up with idiots, nincompoops, people who don’t do what they say, services that are supposed to work and don’t, innovative ideas which have the innovation level of a different coloured Sellotape. 

To prevent global meltdown I have created this blog with the key aim of socialising all the inadequacies that I have to deal with on a regular basis.

Am I perfect, Not a chance. Do I strive to be, nope. Could I do a better job than most of these fools? ABSOLUTELY!

If I can, you definitely can.

Am writing this because I want to become famous. Nope. Its my way to vent. Hopefully you’ll agree, you may laugh, you may cry, you may not feel a thing “meh”, you may disagree and rant back. Nothing is good, anything is good.




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